Neil Davies Refracted light, Cape Cornwall

Refracted Light, Cape Cornwall by Neil Davies – Gallery staff member Jo Wallace makes a personal choice from Neil’s exhibition. I love Neil’s work when he uses touches of crimson. It is a colour that resonates with the passion he brings to his storm-filled paintings, with that inimitable freedom of brushstroke. His stormy works always hit me on a powerful level. So my favourite painting in this exhibition (Refracted Light, Cape Cornwall), has crimson glowing low on the horizon, in the undertow of the impending turbulence. But what most catches at my heart, is seeing a tiny, vulnerable Cape Cornwall overpowered by the vastness of the storm light – much in the same way Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ threatens to overcome Mount Fuji in ‘Under the Wave off Kanagawa’. To me they are two great painters painting two great places, but unified by a very similar, poignant emotion.